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Discover the Magnificent Thangka Paintings from Nepal

Discover the Magnificent Thangka Paintings from Nepal
A painting on silk cloth is one of the most prestigious art pieces from Nepal, which are known as the thangka paintings. There are many uses of thangka and reasons why these paintings are displayed. Some of these paintings even describe the history of Nepal and other religious events that happened in Buddism. In this article, you will learn of the various paintings from Nepal and how it is used.
What Is Thangka?
Also known as tanka, it is a painting made of silk that is in the form of embroidery. Unlike acrylic or oil painting, this is not laid flat but embroidered on a picture panel or textile and then laid over. Generally, thangkas are well-known for its ability to last for a very long period where it also retains the luster. Nonetheless, it should be stored in dry places so that moisture will not affect the silk quality.
You will find the best thangkas without going to Tibet or Nepal, as these paintings are now sold online. They have master artisans who are known as experts in painting the thangka for more than two decades. Most of the thangkas are painted with the guidelines from Buddhist Religious wherein they perform the meditative activities and other religious activities prior to creating thangka paintings.

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